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The History of our School

The original school on the Grove Road site opened for the summer term of 1973 as Grove Road JMI. There were thirty-two pupils, two teachers, a headmaster and a secretary. Needless to say, the building was not finished on the opening day. There was no glass in the doors, no heating, no partitions in the loos, no floor covering and no playground. On the first day everyone went to Mr Hollingsworth, the headteacher’s, house in Chiltern Way to eat their sandwiches. The whole school operated in what is now the Year 6 classroom while the rest of the building was completed. It was an exciting time and great fun.

In 1976 a separate infant school was built and Miss Moira Hegarty was appointed head. When she retired in 1991, Hertfordshire Education Authority decided to amalgamate the two schools. The process took nearly two and a half years but, in January 1993, the junior and infant schools closed and Grove Road Primary School opened. Alterations to the buildings and the completion of "the link" were finished five minutes before the Director of Education arrived for the official opening ceremony on 10th February 1993.

Not long after the original school was built, Tring Voluntary Nursery School was built on the site, as a result of fund-raising efforts by the local community. It was run by a management committee of volunteers and the intention was the LEA would adopt it after three years. Unfortunately spending cutbacks meant that it was not until 1997 that it finally became part of the school. Grove Road Primary School is now a complete primary school community.