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Staff SPRING 2023
Headteacher Mrs Wilson
Head of School  Miss Reeve
Assistant Head

Miss O'Leary (Maternity)

Miss Wall 


Mrs Hanley (Maternity)

Miss Wall 

Head of Inclusion Miss Lamb
School Business Manager Mrs Lyons

Inclusion and SEN

Mrs Hanley/ Miss Wall SENCO
Miss Lamb Head of Inclusion
Mrs Sainsbury  Inclusion and Pastoral Support Co-ordinator


Administration & Finance

Administrator Mrs Ullman
Administrator Mrs Cunningham
Finance Administrator Mrs Wheeler

Class Teachers

Nursery Mrs Dunham / Mrs Oakley
RJW Mrs Wale
RCD Mrs Collins/ Mrs Delderfield 
1BA Mrs Aldridge 
1RP Mrs Harrison
2AL Miss Ludlow
2CP Miss Pollard 
3KW Miss White
3NG Mrs Gray
4VH Miss Hillier
4VG Mrs Grey
5BM Miss Meedin and Mrs Basson 
5KM Miss Marie
6EC Mrs Chappell
6GM Miss Mallouppa
PPA/ KS2  Mr Francis
Sports Coach/ PPA Mrs Tillett 

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Anderson Mrs Keen
Mr Bates Mrs King
Mrs Brace Mrs Lindars
Mrs Burbidge Ms Lucas
Mrs Cox Mrs Power
Mrs Chillingworth Mr Power
Mrs Eaglestone Mrs Rouse
Mrs Eames Mrs Sainsbury
Mrs Forrest Miss Salter
Mrs Gilmour Mrs Salvage
Mrs Haynes Miss Smith 
Mrs Hazell Mrs Tunley
Mrs Hill Mrs Watson
Mrs Horsman Mrs Westbrook
Mrs Houlihan Mrs Whelan
Mrs Johnson  

Cover Support & Booster Teachers

Mrs Smart
Mrs Elvery
Mrs Glass
Miss Higby (Maternity Leave)
Mrs Rogers

Visiting Music Teachers

Piano Teacher Mr Jones


Mr Lyons
Mr O'Neill
Mr Roberts

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Evett
Mrs Mitchell
Mrs Rossi


Mrs Whelan (Manager)
Mr Bates
Mrs Brace
Mrs Chillingworth (Deputy Manager)
Miss Cunningham
Mrs Eames
Mrs Gilmour
Miss Henison
Miss Keen
Mrs Mitchell
Miss Power
Mr Power
Mrs Reynolds
Mrs Salvage
Miss Smith
Miss Ullman
Mr Ullman
Miss Westbrook
Mrs Whelan
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