Pro-social Practice

Pupils’ behaviour is good. They are polite to each other and to staff. Staff help pupils to settle after breaktimes and lunchtimes. They think of additional ways to help calm pupils who may be experiencing anxiety, for example through the provision of a lunchtime space for pupils to talk to an adult. Pupils say that bullying is rare, and if it does happen, adults help to put things right. Pupils talk fondly of the ways that the adults help them to learn how to be good friends, for example through their ‘pro-social practice’ lessons.

(Ofsted Report - April 2022)

What is Pro-social Practice?

This is a protected time of 30 minutes in each class timetable. Teaching staff use this time to teach and promote pro-social behaviours. Teachers will decide on the theme/ learning of the session and tailor this to the needs of their specific classes. During this time teaching staff will work alongside the children to teach and model pro-social behaviours.

Sessions will be focused around a learning question or objective. Sessions can vary in structure e.g. this could be a circle time, discussion, teaching a new game or skill, sharing and noticing pro-social displayed by peers during the week.

Pupil Views 

What does pro-social mean to you? 

''Having good behaviour and being kind''

''Pro social means that everyone is kind and caring and supportive towards teachers and students''

''Being kind and sensible and not being disrespectful or rude to a teacher or anyone.It also means having a good attitude and behaviour.It's a good skill to find out how to be pro-social because later in life you can have that amazing skill to be positive and kind''

''Being respectful and helpful'

"Being aware of others and looking on the good side of everything"

"It means, being kind, not talking over people and helping people"

"To be kind to others mentally and physically"

''Being nice to others,doing teamwork and helping people if they are sad or need help"

"It means being very kind and caring and also say positive if something does not go your way"

"It means being responsible and listening to what others have to say"

"Acting with kindness and being well - mannered towards every person you meet"

What have you learnt in Pro-social Practice?

"To be kind to others"

"How to treat different people"

"To be fair"

"To always help each other and work together as a team"

"I have learnt that it is always important to be kind and if not it will always come back to you"

"To be patient and kind to others"

"To be fair and patient"

"To be kind ,be honest and to mind other people body space"

"Be aware of others and always be happy"

"How to be kinder and having better respect"

"To take care of buddies and teach them pro-social behaviour"

"Teamwork,be helpful and care for others despite differences"

"To always listen to other's ideas and being patient"

"To always put others before yourself,even though they might not do it to you"

Have you personally found Pro-social Practice helpful? Why?

"Yes because it has shown me to be kind, helpful and thoughtful"

"Yes because when we are older we know how to treat people"

"I have got more patient"

"Yes and because it teaches us to be helpful and kind"

"I have found it very helpful because it teaches me how to be even more gracious to each other"

"I have found it very helpful because it is nice to learn about something that you can use and that can improve you as a person and can build up others to make them feel happy and to make you feel happy. It is important that you know how to have this because it can one day spread like a chain reaction and make the world a better and happier place"

"Sometimes as it helps me be patient"

"It has made me focus more and listen when people are talking"

"I have, because it teaches me to be kind and helpful to other people. I also like it because it changes other people overtime"

"Yes to have some peaceful time"

"This have been helpful as it helps me get better at teamwork ,being nice and helping others"

"I have found i helpful because i learned how to share things and care about people more than i used too"

"Yes because you learn more about your classmates and it makes you work as team"


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