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Grove Road Primary School is part of the Ridgeway Learning Partnership Multi-Academy Trust which is registered at Companies House with registration number 08056991 and its registered office is at Tring School, Mortimer Hill, Tring, HP23 5JD

Ridgeway Learning Partnership

Welcome from Julian Cacchioli 

A warm welcome to Grove Road Primary School at the heart of the Tring community. The ethos of our school - “Growing and Achieving Together” – is delivered through the partnership of governors, teaching staff, parents and trustees.  

Our shared ambition is to provide our children with the curiosity, confidence and resilience that will allow them to maximise their potential throughout their education journey and beyond.  

As the governing body, our role is to provide strategic direction and support to the head teacher and her talented and dedicated team, at the same time as ensuring accountability and a mindset of ‘continuous improvement’. The governors all come from different backgrounds and bring a variety of experience, knowledge and perspectives, but what they all have in common is a passion for our community and a commitment to ensuring all of our children feel happy, supported and able to strive for accomplishment at Grove Road school.  

Please take some time to learn more about your governing body and should you have any questions of comments, send them to 

Local Governing Body

Chair: Mr Julian Cacchioli
Vice Chair: Mr Paul Lindars
Contact Details:
The Local Governing Body consists of representatives from parents, staff and members of the local community.





Mrs Sharon Ball CO-OPTED 07/11/23-06/11/27 GB Board
SB Declarations Confirmed 03 December 2023: Nothing to declare.
Dr Peter Brimble CO-OPTED 09/12/21-08/12/25 GB Board


PB Declarations Confirmed 08 September 2023: Nothing to declare. 
Mr Julian Cacchioli (Chair) CO-OPTED 09/02/21-08/02/25 GB Board


JC Declarations Confirmed 01 September 2023: Nothing to declare. 
Dr Amanda Cole PARENT 07/11/23-06/11/27 Parent Body
AC Declarations Confirmed 16 January 2024: Personal or close family relationship  - Children attend the school (years Reception and 2)
Mr Philip Corr PARENT 02/11/21-01/11/25 Parent Body


PC Declarations Confirmed 19 September 2023: Nothing to declare.
Mr Amal Hirani PARENT 02/10/19-01/10/23 Parent Body


AH Declarations Confirmed 19 September 2023: Nothing to declare. 
Mr Paul Lindars CO-OPTED 11/09/23-10/09/27 GB Board


PL Declarations Confirmed 19 September 2023: Employed at Dundale School, 18.75hrs per week. 01/04/23 to present. Spouse is a member of support staff at Grove Road Primary School and a School Family Worker for Tring Local Partnership Family Services. 

Miss Alice Ludlow STAFF 12/05/22-11/05/26 Staff


AL Declarations Confirmed 29 August 2023: Nothing to declare. 
Mrs Mandy Lyons (SBM)  CO-OPTED 16/09/20-15/09/24 GB Board


ML Declarations Confirmed 19 September 2023: Son is a member of site staff at Grove Road Primary School.
Vacancy CO-OPTED    
Mrs Sharon Wilson (HT) HT 01/09/12- Ex-officio


SW Declarations Confirmed 06 December 2023: Currently working on a consultancy basis for HfL as a Primary SEA (School Effectiveness Advisor) (01/09/13 to present), Interim Senior Executive for RLP (Accounting Officer) (01/09/23 to present).
Leavers in the last 12 months (as at 01/09/2023)  
Mr Rakesh Kalidas CO-OPTED 09/12/21-08/12/25 GB Board
RK Declarations Confirmed 12 September 2022: Employed by Compass Group UK&I, Compass Group UK&I - provide contract catering in hospitality, and business support services.  Sectors within Compass include Chartwells which is the education sector. My Role is within Levy UK&I which provides contract catering and related services to Stadia, Arenas and Conference Centres.
Mrs Janet Langdon CO-OPTED 24/10/22-27/06/23

GB Board

JL Declarations Confirmed 12 September 2022: Nothing to declare

Formal Complaints 2022/2023

Number of Stage 1 formal complaints in the last 12 months: 0

Number of Stage 2 formal complaints in the last 12 months: 0


Meeting Dates 2023/2024

Tue 19 Sep 2023

Wed 1 Nov 2023

Tue 16 Jan 2024

Thu 15 Feb 2024

Thu 18 Apr 2024

Tue 25 Jun 2024


Attendance 2022/2023

Y = Attended, N = Apologies Accepted, NA = Apologies not Accepted, NS = No Apologies sent, ? = Attendance Not Marked, Blank = Not Required
    LGB Meeting LGB Meeting - virtual LGB Meeting - virtual LGB Meeting - virtual LGB Meeting - virtual LGB Meeting
Governor Governor Type 13 Sep 2022 02 Nov 2022 17 Jan 2023 21 Feb 2023 20 Apr 2023 27 Jun 2023
Dr Peter Brimble Co-opted governor Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mr Julian Cacchioli Co-opted governor Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mrs Susanna Collings CEO Y Y Y Y left left
Phillip Corr Parent governor Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mr Amal Hirani Co-opted governor Y N Y Y Y N
Rak Kalidas Co-opted governor Y Y N N N N
Mr Anthony Kent Interim CEO         Y  
Miss Debbie Lamb Observer     Y      
Mrs Janet Langdon Co-opted governor N Y Y Y N left
Mr Paul Lindars Co-opted governor Y Y Y Y Y Y
Alice Ludlow Staff governor Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mrs Mandy Lyons Co-opted governor N Y Y Y Y Y
Mrs Tracey Middleton Clerk Y Y Y Y Y Y
Miss Sophie O'Leary Observer Y N Y Y Y left
Miss Katie Reeve Head of School Y Y Y Y Y  
Mrs Sharon Wilson Headteacher Y Y Y Y Y Y


Page Downloads Date  
Governing Body - Strategic Plan 2020 - 2023 17th Jan 2022 Download
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