Ridgeway Learning Partnership

Grove Road is very proud to be part of the Ridgeway Learning Partnership. Having academised in December 2017 Grove Road has been part of the Multi-Academy Trust for five years.

Teachers from Grove Road, Tring Secondary and Dundale Primary work together to continually develop the curriculum and opportunities for all children within the schools. The children at Grove Road are very fortunate to have a range of experiences and opportunities in collaboration with Tring School. 

Tring Sixth Form students support reading and maths learning with young children at Grove Road, children have the opportunity to use the impressive facilities at Tring School for projects and lessons and Tring teachers deliver lessons and workshops for Year 6 children to aid transition. These are just a few examples of the endless opportunities being part of the Trust has given the children at Dundale and Grove Road. 

Working closely with all schools, enables the children at Grove Road to have a seamless learning journey from the ages of 3 - 18.


Ridgeway Learning Partnership

Ridgeway Learning Partnership, Mortimer Hill, Tring, Hertfordshire, HP23 5JD

Telephone: 01442 822303

E-mail Address:

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