House System

Every child from Reception to Year 6 is a member of one of our Houses. We operate a ‘House System’ with 5 houses named after trees and a colour linked to each:

  • Quercus (purple),
  • Acer (green),
  • Betula (yellow),
  • Aesculus (orange),
  • Sorbus (red).

Siblings are assigned to the same House and children remain in their House for their whole school career at Grove Road.

The House system was introduced in September 2012 to support and foster positive relationships through a strong sense of responsibility and community for all the children in the school. It is a key vehicle for our SMSC* curriculum, promoting an understanding and direct experience of democratic systems and procedures. The children participate in entrepreneurial activities as well as developing confidence in themselves and their own opinions. As a large two-form entry school, we are keen that children across the age ranges should get to know one another. In addition to the regular Forums, there are opportunities where the children take part in inter-House competitions and activity workshops. Year 5 have a specific role in weekly “Buddy” sessions with Reception. The aim is to build greater confidence and independence in the younger children, and a sense of responsibility and guidance amongst the older pupils.

Through regular House Forum meetings, chaired by the House Captains, children from Y1 to Y6 get the opportunity to voice suggestions and discuss any concerns they have about the school, further developing an understanding of rights and responsibility. House Forums have been instrumental in organising fundraising for the school as well as local and national charities.

House Captains are elected every July for the following school year. Children in Year 5 self-nominate and then present to their House at Hustings. Every child in the House then votes for their new House Captain.

The children talk very positively about the House system and take great pride in working together to make the school the best place it can be. House points are awarded for all sorts of effort, contribution and positive attitudes to learning. Every fortnight the House Cup is awarded to the House that has earned the most points in that time. Annually the House Trophy is awarded to the House that has accumulated the most points in that year.

Always a close and exciting competition!

*SMSC = Spiritual, Social, Moral & Cultural

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