All young people, staff and other members of our school community have the right to feel safe at all times whilst in school. Good teaching and learning promote good behaviour and good behaviour promotes good learning. All children have the right to learn and to achieve their potential and all staff have the right to teach.

At Grove Road Primary and Nursery, we are committed to adopting a therapeutic approach to behaviour, which is underpinned by Hertfordshire STEPS, owned by Herts County Council (Integrated Services for Learning.) It is our intention to promote behaviour that enables all children to achieve their potential and develop academically, socially and emotionally, thereby approaching the child’s development with a holistic mind-set.

We have high expectations of all our children, both in relation to their education, as well as their behaviour. Staff will support this through positive learning experiences, promoting self-esteem through recognition of potential and effort, development of positive relationships with the children and use of positive behaviour management strategies to promote pro-social behaviours. Our strong school ethos and values system underpins everything we do at Grove Road and we encourage our children to be caring, supportive and demonstrate our values at all times. We provide them with a safe enabling environment where they feel valued, supported and heard.


  • to ensure there is a culture within Grove Road Primary School that values all pupils; allowing them to feel a sense of belonging where children are able to seek emotional and wellbeing support from practitioners;
  • to ensure that every pupil at Grove Road Primary School is given equity of opportunity to develop socially, to learn and to develop from life experiences;
  • to help our children make pro-social behaviour choices, subsequently learning responsibility and to be accountable for their actions;
  • to encourage consideration for others by promoting our school vales of Respect, Self-Belief, Ambition and community;
  • to develop self-belief in their own ability and pride in the school through effort as well as achievement;
  • to ensure that pro-social behaviours are taught, encouraged and positively acknowledged
  • to use protective and educational consequences to support an understanding of pro-social choices and the consequence of anti-social actions. These will be evaluated so that further support can be given to the child where identified;
  • to enhance our positive working relationship with parents where both parties collaborate to support the needs of the children;
  • to create a calm and safe learning environment where children feel empowered to believe in themselves and strive to be the best they can be.


Positive experiences create positive feelings. Positive feelings create positive behaviour. Negative experiences create negative feelings. Negative feelings create negative behaviour.
(Hertfordshire Steps, 2016)

We plan for three phases of behaviour progression: Pro-social, Escalation or Difficult and Dangerous or Harmful (see diagram below.) When pupils are engaged and learning, we need to ‘catch them getting it right.’ This can be by recognising and rewarding their efforts through praise, certificates, or anything that has meaning for the individual pupil. Pupils should also be made aware that their pro-social behaviour can be rewarding in itself and brings about positive experiences and feelings in others.
External discipline may suppress anti-social behaviour but long-term behavioural change comes from developing internal discipline. We believe that children ‘learn behaviour’ and make positive behaviour choices through:

  • Positive relationships with adults and peers
  • Role models, patterning and copying
  • Positive phrasing and reminding
  • Scripts, routines, repetition and structure
  • Consistent, clear and agreed boundaries
  • Praise, reward and positive reinforcement
  • Comfort and forgiveness

Grove Road Positive Behaviour Policy


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