Outdoor Learning

At Grove Road Primary we have a large and varied outdoor environment, which can provide learning opportunities and enrichment for all children. We strive to give children the opportunity to develop their own curiosity and foster independent thinking. Children are encouraged to lead the learning, following their interests and building their own curriculum.

This starts with the characteristics of effective learning in the EYFS then their skill building journey continues throughout the school. Our activities include physical development, communication, imagination, story telling, building and construction. They enhance cooperation and collaboration skills. We encourage the children to make connections and links in their learning, making it meaningful and real with the freedom of being outdoors. The experience of being outside aims to support the wellbeing of each child. 

When children play out of doors, they are exercising their growing intellectual and emotional muscles, as well as their physical ones. They are developing their powers to think, to feel, to do, to see and understand, to represent and express. They are imagining, puzzling, wondering, exploring, befriending and sharing.” 

Mary Jane Drummond “Can I play out?” Outdoor play in the Early Years Bradford Education 1995


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