Uniform, Equipment and Appearance

The co-operation of parents is appreciated to ensure pupils are dressed in the designated uniform of Grove Road. A full range of uniform is available from Mapac.


The school uniform is:

  • Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan with Grove badge and the child's house name
  • White polo shirt
  • Grey or navy-blue trousers (Jeans and fashion trousers are not considered appropriate)
  • Grey or navy shorts
  • White, black, grey or navy socks or tights
  • Grey or navy culottes
  • Grey or navy-blue skirt
  • Grey or navy-blue pinafore dress
  • Blue gingham or striped summer dress
  • In cold weather a blue or white long sleeve polo shirt or roll neck jumper may be worn under the sweatshirt


The PE kit is:

  • Navy or black shorts and a t-shirt in house colours (available from MAPAC)
  • Plimsols or trainers
  • Year 2 upwards take part in outdoor PE, so a plain navy tracksuit may also be advisable when the weather is cold - branded sports kit is not acceptable.


Nursery uniform

MAPAC supplies a navy polo shirt with white logo available to purchase for nursery children.  Nursery uniform is not compulsory. However, many parents feel it gives the children a sense of belonging and prepares them well for integration into Reception and the wider school community.



Requirements for footwear are that children will arrive at school in the smart school shoes that they wear indoors during lesson times.  These should be safe, structured black leather/leather looking shoes with a firm sole to encourage healthy development of feet.  Trainers and slipper type shoes are not considered suitable.

A second pair of shoes or trainers should be available and left at school for children to change into for playtimes and PE lessons if applicable. There is no colour specification for outdoor shoes.   If it is particularly wet, children may wear wellington boots to school and bring their black indoor school shoes with them for indoor use. Bright coloured socks are not allowed.



All removable items of clothing should be clearly marked with the owner’s name.



Children will always need a warm jacket/anorak/coat unless the weather is unusually warm. A small Pac A Mac in a child’s bag, even during the summer months, may be advisable. School fleeces and waterproofs are available on the MAPAC website. These are optional and there is no specific colour or type of coat required, other than something warm and practical.



Sun cream should be applied before children leave home.  Children in Years 3 and 4 will need swimming kit with them on their designated swimming day during the summer term.


School bags

Please don’t send children in with big (solid) school bags, as the peg space in our very limited cloakroom areas cannot accommodate them. Broad strong loops are needed for coats and anoraks, wide enough to go over the special safety coat pegs, otherwise coats etc may end up on the floor.



  • For safety reasons, with the exception of watches, no jewellery is to be worn in school.
  • For pupils with pierced ears, one pair of simple studs is permitted.  These must be removed or taped over for PE.
  • The school policy allows sensible hairstyles/colours only.   Braids are discouraged for safety reasons and must be tied back. No extreme styles or patterns should be cut into the hair.  If pupils or parents are not sure what will be considered extreme they should check with their teacher or the school office. For safety and hygiene reasons jaw length hair, or longer should be tied back and worn back and away from the face. Hair slides are not sufficient.
  • Pocket money, toys, cards and other objects of value should not be brought to school.
  • Apple watches and other palm top devices are not allowed at school.
  • Watches may be worn provided that they are not misused (e.g. setting alarm to sound in class time).
  • Mobile telephones are discouraged, but pupils in Upper KS2 walking home on their own may feel the need to have a phone with them, which should be turned off and stored in their bag whilst on school premises (Please be advised they are stored at pupils’ own risk)
  • Parents and guardians should also note that we cannot accept liability in respect of loss or damage in respect of personal belongings taken into HCC premises and advises that pupils avoid taking valuable personal possessions onto school premises.


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