The Learning Pit

As part of our Learning to Learn focus, the children explore The Learning Pit. 

The Learning Pit is helping the children to understand that learning can feel challenging, that it’s good to feel challenged by something new and that it’s by making mistakes and having a go that we move forward in our learning. The children are encouraged to articulate what it feels like to learn and work together, to go into “The Pit” and come out the other side. Here’s what some of them have been saying… 

  • “If you’re not in the pit you could challenge yourself to make it a bit trickier because then you will be learning something new.” – Tilly
  • “If you are not in the pit, you are not learning.” – Ben
  • “If you fall into the pit you can’t get out until you have learnt something new. I feel quite happy in the pit because I am learning.” – Bella
  • “When you are not sure you can do it, the pit helps me learn new things.” – Milly


While in the Learning Pit the children are not only learning new knowledge and concepts, they are also learning how they learn and the different strategies and resources that will help them achieve their goal and climb to the top.
By recognising the feelings they experience when challenged and knowing that others feel the same, the children are developing the skills of determination and resilience. They are beginning to take ownership and control of their learning journey, developing the skills of intrinsic motivation and lifelong learning.

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