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The documents below outline Grove Road’s approach to teaching Computing through thematic learning underpinned by the National Curriculum expectations. It will outline the key concepts and themes we teach here at Grove Road and how we ensure that the pupils develop in their understanding of the world around them. 

Intent Statement

Our Computing Curriculum aims to give our pupils the life-skills that will enable them to embrace and utilise new technology in a socially responsible and safe way in order to flourish. We want our pupils to be able to operate in the 21st century workplace and be aware of the career opportunities that will be open to them if they study computing.  Children will become autonomous, independent users of various computing technologies, gaining confidence and enjoyment from their activities. Technology will support learning across the entire curriculum and ensure that our curriculum is accessible to every child.  Not only do we want them to be digitally literate and competent end-users of technology but through our computing lessons they will develop creativity, resilience, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Intended Impact

During the children’s learning journey at Grove Road, our intended impact of the Computing Curriculum is to ensure that:

Computing at Grove Road is there to support a high level of digital literacy in children so that they are safe, competent and creative users of technology.  This is achieved by building essential understanding and skills through investigating, selecting and using a range of applications on different devices and platforms. At the end of each year, pupils will have developed a deeper understanding of their computing skills and how to use them on a daily basis in and outside of the school environment. This in turn will aid Year 6 pupils with their transition to Tring School especially as the school uses Google Classroom to enable their lessons and Home Learning to pupils. They will also have gained a greater understanding of online safety issues and how to keep themselves safe online. Pupils will also become productive creators and designers of technology and be confident in the use of the myriad of applications that are available to primary school pupils. The primary aim of Computing at Grove Road School is to develop pupils to become responsible digital citizens.


"Computing is giving me the skills to be able to survive in this technological age” - Emily, Year 5

"I like typing and I like when computers read to you" - Year 1 Child

"It's my favourite because I get to use computers" - Year 3 Child

"I like it because you get to learn how to make pictures" - Year 3 Child

"It's a good way to learn new things and how to stay safe" - Year 3 Child

"I like Scratch because you get to learn how to make things move by using codes" - Year 5 Child

Subject Documents Date  
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Computing Vocabulary Progression 2023 2024 13th Sep 2023 Download
Computing at Grove Road 2023 2024 15th Sep 2023 Download
Computing Skills and Knowledge Progression 2023 2024 15th Sep 2023 Download


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